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Latino Voters Overwhelmingly Favor Tax Increases for The Rich
Poll finds majority support raising taxes on wealthy, or some combination of raising taxes and spending cuts

LOS ANGELES, CA –August 15, 2011 – impreMedia, the leading Hispanic news and information company, announced today the results for the latest tracking poll conducted by Latino Decisions, a nationally renowned research partnership.

The poll found that a very small number of Latino voters favor cutting existing government programs, while a majority supported either raising taxes on the wealthy or some combination of the two in order to reduce the U.S. budget deficit.

Just 7% of respondents favored cutting programs, while 46% supported raising taxes for the wealthy, and 37% supported a combination of tax increases and spending cuts.

"Spending cuts proposed by the Republican Party have little to no traction with Latino voters and the Latino community,” said Hilda Garcia, VP of Multiplatform News and Information. “What we’re seeing is that voters by large favor raising taxes on the wealthy, and a slightly smaller group favor a combination of the two options. This suggests that Republicans will need to offer some new alternatives if they hope to retain and/or gain support of Latino voters.”

Pilar Marrero, impreMedia's lead political reporter, and one of the most respected political journalists on Latino issues, examines and analyzes this issue and how it will affect Latino voters in the upcoming elections. For her continuing coverage on the polls visit:

The following release is part of an ongoing tracking poll that is conducted by impreMedia and Latino Decisions. This first release focuses on the U.S. budget deficit and upcoming releases will focus on education and the political climate just fifteen months away from Presidential elections. The poll is conducted with a sample of 500 registered Latino voters.


Latino Decisions surveyed 500 registered voters between July 27th and August 9th in 21 states with the largest Hispanic populations, comprising 94% percent of the US Hispanic electorate.  Voters were selected randomly from the registered voter lists and households were identified for contact using the Census Bureau Hispanic surname list, and merged with third party data to secure telephone numbers. Results were weighted to account for minor deviations from known population characteristics. The margin of error is +/- 4.38% on the full sample.

Voter registration status and Hispanic identification were verified upon contact with respondents, who confirmed if they are registered to vote and of Hispanic/Latino descent. Census Bureau reports suggest approximately 90% of all Latinos in the U.S. have a Spanish-surname.  In identifying citizens registered to vote, the registered voter list is far superior to either a simple RDD or household list of Spanish-surname households because of non-citizenship, low rates of voter registration among Latinos, and well-documented propensity of all survey respondents, regardless of ethnicity, to over-report registration status.

Surveying was conducted by fully bilingual interviewers. Respondents were greeted in both languages, and surveys were conducted in either English or Spanish, at the discretion of the respondent. Up to five callbacks are scheduled for each record. The survey instrument was created by Dr. Matt Barreto and Dr. Gary Segura in consultation with impreMedia and translated into Spanish. The survey was administered under the direction of Pacific Market Research, in Renton, Washington, and performed using a Computer-Assisted-Telephone-Interviewing (CATI) protocols. CATI programming is performed by Pacific Market Research. Average interview length was 11.43 minutes.

About Latino Decisions
Latino Decisions is a joint effort between Pacific Market Research, a nationally known research firm, and Dr. Gary Segura and Dr. Matt Barreto, leading Latino politics scholars and professors at Stanford University and the University of Washington. Both Dr. Segura and Dr. Barreto are experienced and nationally respected researchers who have a deep understanding of U.S. Latino culture and advanced quantitative research skills. Their expertise, coupled with Pacific Market Research’s logistical capabilities, makes Latino Decisions a leader in the field. For more information, please visit or call 877-271-2300.